J: Day019 - Chest and Triceps / Big Ronnie Coleman

Big O, Ike, and myself worked Chest and Triceps today. It was an awesome workout and with the three day break, I was able to do more... at least early in the workout. We started on the dreaded bench press and I can see some improvement. I'm not about to get cocky though, because Ike was putting up over 300 lbs and Big O was pretty close behind him. Taking the weights off and putting them back on for these guys is hard work all by itself. It would be easier if we had an additional person who wasn't doing so much weight so we could workout out in two groups of two. Unfortunately, nobody I know that lives nearby is willing to go to the gym as consistently as we do. Having an even numbered group would speed things up as well.

Our tricep sets were good as always and I went to failure on one of the exercises. It is strange that in weight lifting failure is sometimes a good thing. After the workout was over, Ike and I decided to run the 2 miles back to our apartment complex. It was a struggle for Ike who hasn't run in years. He also has to carry an extra 100 pounds compared to me, which I can only imagine as very difficult over long distances. He has a good attitude and will probably improve very quickly if we continue to run.

I'm due for a photo or video next post. To avoid boringness, I have attached a video of my favorite bodybuilder, Ronnie Coleman. I admire all these professional bodybuilders for the hard work they put in over very long periods of time, but the thing that I love about Big Ron are his catchphrases. My personal favorites are:

-"Light Weight Baby!"
-"Ain't nuthin' to it but to do it."
-"Everybody wants to be a bodybuilder but nobody wants to [insert whatever he is doing here, i.e. 'lift this heavy ass weight' or 'do these lunges']."

As a side note, Big O's catchphrases are:
-"Big Boy's Got It!"
-"Give me sport!"

When I get big, maybe I'll think of a couple... Yelling out these things wouldn't be as cool while rocking out with the 25lb dumbbells..



  1. I'd go to the gym with you if you promised not to laugh at my super wimpiness.

    I should also have a catchphrase. Perhaps "Zoinks"!

  2. People at the gym don't go to judge other people... Trust me... There are girls that can lift more than me and I got over that fact within my first 5 minutes. Do you have friends that workout consistently?

    "Zoinks" is not too intimidating...