J: Day012 - Shoulders

Yo. I was planning on putting another video post up, but for the sake of variety and the need to not be late for work this morning, I'm going with straight text...

This morning Big O and I worked out shoulders. Shoulder days are a lot of fun, but the challenge lies in the fact that we only work out one muscle group. We haven't worked out legs in over a week, but even in that workout the upper legs and lower legs seem to have different excersices which allows the resting group to recover. Shoulders might have similar groups, but I feel as though my energy level drops throughout the course of the workout. Hopefully more time in the gym will add endurance so I can continue to do the highest quality sets for the duration of the hour.

The most difficult excercise was a type of shoulder fly movement that I found very challenging (coming near the end also did not help). Rather than standing straight up and flying straight to the side or straight forward, we went into a bent over posture and did shoulder flys straight up... Not sure if it is a different muscle alltogether, the different posture, and/or fatigue, but I was only able to do about 60% of what I use for the other two types of shoulder fly motions.

Another cool machine we get to use on shoulder days is the cable cross machine. It looks like some sort of medieval mechanism, but it is very simple to use. From what I've read and observed in terms of how often people used it, it seems to be much more useful and versatile than the Smith Machine:

It's Day 12 already and I am about due to weigh myself and get my unofficial body fat percentage from my scale. Maybe I'll throw a photo in as well for the next post...



  1. Yikes. That machine looks scary.

    Is that weird fly movement similar to the move in P90X Arms & Shoulders where you fly sitting up then lean forward and do it? Those are hard.

  2. There are a lot of really cool machines at the gym... If you found a workout partner who would go with you and be encouraging, you'd become addicted.

    The motion is called a reverse fly: