J: Day015 - Back and Biceps

We decided to go to the gym and work out back and biceps on July 4th. Despite my expectations, there were quite a few people lifting weights and upstairs doing cardio. Apparently, "fitness takes no holidays."

Anyways, the workout went well and Big O introduced some new exercises from his book. The sets we did were deceptively difficult. I found myself much more tired after some of the back sets than I would have thought possible. It is a bit strange working out the back when not doing so on machines. The set of back extensions was especially grueling:

According to the above video, the exercise requires a bent back, but we kept ours straight throughout. There was no pain involved, just a bit of a lightheaded feeling and fatigue afterward.

July 5th we took off and I just rested. I remain sore from previous days and hopefully this day off will help me hit the gym hard tomorrow morning.

Until then,


  1. Those look tough. Think I could do that off the end of my weight bench?

  2. Absolutely not... You'd have nothing to hook your feet into and that would probably be dangerous...

  3. Maybe one of the boys could hold my legs down for me. Hahahaha