J: Day014 - Chest and Triceps

Big O's Big Workout Book

Even though the book is titled and geared towards men, I'm sure women would find the information inside very valuable.

Forgot to mention that yesterday we didn't go to the gym and I stayed at home and worked abs... It has been a while since I last did that and the workout was very difficult for me to complete. I may start doing three times per week...


  1. Ask Big O what he thinks of this book: http://www.amazon.com/New-Rules-Lifting-Women-Goddess/dp/1583332944

    My friend recommended it to me but I have yet to check it out.

  2. Big O says that this would be a great book for you to purchase with the caveat that you would need to go to the gym AND take somebody experienced with you...

    From my experience, I can say that if I want to push myself on every exercise than I need a spotter (who knows how to spot) because I come close to or actually fail on almost everything we do. Having somebody else there to check your form is also very helpful since things will be new and doing the exercise properly might not feel natural at first.

    Even Big O and Ike need spots sometimes... Going to the gym by yourself probably wouldn't be to useful or very fun.

  3. Perhaps Big O could come to IA for a while (until I get skinny and in shape). =)

    I don't know anyone who lifts so I don't know who I would ask. I suppose I could pay someone...

  4. Paying somebody would be super expensive...

    Did Jeremy ever lift?