Day004 - After Workout

Today was my fourth consecutive day of working out and my triceps are very sore as are my calves. I am starting to wonder how this will effect my abilities when I actually try to use my muscles in other activities. I have a softball game tomorrow evening and wonder if I'll be able to move and throw normally... Guess I'll cross that bridge when it comes.

We worked out back and biceps today which allowed me to use some of the machines I've been wanting to get on. Like the previous two workouts, I tried to pace myself and save some energy for the final sets. This is a difficult thing for me to do because I want to get everything out of each set and sometimes might push myself too hard too early. Everything went about as well as I can expect given my experience level and, unfortunately, I needed some spots on the last two exercises we did (21s and Preacher Curls). While I went to failure on my last set of Preacher Curls, I was happy with my general effort and look forward to continuing the work tomorrow.

I still haven't gotten my camera back, but will probably do so today after work... There is something to be said about those who write out their thoughts, but I'd much rather just turn on my camera and talk. Hopefully the next entry is in video... and hopefully DRE posts something in the mean time! If not, I might have to change the name of the blog.


  1. What's preacher curls? I'll post after I finish working out with Tony. :)

  2. Preacher Curls are...hard:


    (That's not me)