Day003 - After Workout

I just got back from the 24 hour fitness center near my apartment. Big O and I just worked out our shoulders as promised and my expectation of intensity was met in reality. While the specific exercises were completely different, I applied the lesson I took from Day 1 and tried to pace myself with the entire workout in mind.

The two exercises which were the most difficult for me to complete today were the shoulder press and shrugs. Shrugs seemed to look very simple while I watched Big O complete a few as examples. However, I found it difficult to not rotate my shoulders back and put my chest out. Doing so apparently doesn't isolate the shoulders like going straight up and down does. The latter motion is less natural and took some getting used to, but it feels like something that I will pick up on. Shoulder presses were difficult simply because I haven't developed my arms to the point where they can steadily handle weight...especially above my head.

Working out three consecutive days in a row has been a shock to my system. It has allowed me to sleep better than I usually do and given me a goal each day. However, it has also caused difficulty getting into cars or putting shampoo on my hair because of soreness... Hopefully it goes away after I become acclimated to lifting weights. I should get my camera back tomorrow morning at work, so my next post will likely be in a video format...

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