Day002 Recap / Day003 Before Workout

I left my camera at a friend's place, and didn't get it back last night like I planned... so no video for Day 2. My friend/trainer (Big O), and I worked legs yesterday and it went a quite bit better than our Day 1 workout. I was still intimidated by going to the gym and being surrounded by guys who are all substantially stronger than I am. It may be my disdain for being poor at something (I'd rather just avoid the situation) or taking part in an activity outside my comfort zone.

The workout itself was intense as I expected. Before the workout, I was most apprehensive about doing squats. This is something I saw football players doing while I was getting weighed back in my cross-country days and always thought that it would be very difficult. With the encouragement and good advice of Big O, I was able to go through the motions. Although it was difficult and completely new to me, I felt like it was wonderful for working out the legs and I can see myself improving over time. Hopefully I will be able to improve my form for all the exercises we do, but I want to focus most on those which utilize free weights as there is no guide other than muscle memory.

Since I don't have my camera, I feel a need to add some additional form of media other than plain text to this post. Attached here is a photo I took a couple of days ago to show where I was when I started this whole process. As you can tell, I didn't know where to look or whether to smile or not, so I went with a blank stare off into space look:

Perhaps when I begin to notice changes in my general shape I'll add another photo...

Later this afternoon I'll be working out shoulders with Big O. I have no idea what kind of exercises we'll be doing and I assume the workout will be intense. Expect a report after we're through...

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